Product Description

Product Features:

Gain more strength and stamina with our vitality supplement WEI GANG SU, which contains all the essential cleansing herbs used for detoxification. WEI GANG SU cleanses the liver and kidney effectively, which in turns promotes the production of hormone in our adrenaline gland. Its ingredient Cistanche acts as a tonic and as a formula for chronic renal disease, morbid leucorrhea, profuse metrorrhagia, and bowel movement. Meanwhile, the micronutrient polyphenols found in Red Raspberry aides in regulating metabolic disease risk, especially cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, obesity, and Alzheimer disease.

Liver & Kidney Detox and Tonic

Maintains Vitality

Regulates Sleep

Promotes Men’s Libido

Supports Bladder Health

Alleviates Hand & Feet Sweats

Relieves Vertigo


Relieves Rheumatism & Arthritis

Suitable for Men