Product Description

Ichiran Ramen (一蘭) is one of the most famous Tonkotsu (pork-based broth) ramen restaurants in Japan. 

It's ramen tastes milky and sweet, mixed with smooth-thin noodles, topped with own made sliced pork and their original spicy red sauce. 

Ichiran Ramen Japan Famous Hakata Style Thin Straight Tonkotsu Instant Noodles (5 portions in a box). Each set comes in a package of 5 which includes soup base, noodles & Ichiran's original red dry sauce.

Ingredients: noodles (wheat flour, plant protein, salt),soup (flavor oil, pork extract, soy sauce, protein hydrolyzate, sugar, pork paste, salt, fermented seasonings, seasoning paste, spice), spices (chili pepper, pepper), seasonings (such as amino acids), alcohol, thickener (modified starch), kansui, oxidized starch, caramel pigment, antioxidant (vitamin E), (contains wheat, pork, soybean) 

Place of Origin : Japan

Shelf Life : 7 months (08 June 2021)

Serving Instructions:

① Boil 450ml of water in a pot.

② Add a bag of noodles and cook them.

③ When the noodles are cooked, add the soup.

④ Stir well while allowing to cook together a little while, then turn off heat.

⑤ Transfer to a bowl and add the "secret red powder".