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Cumin is known as ‘Jintan Putih’ in Malay, ‘孜然’ in Chinese and ‘Jeera’ in Hindi. It is a spice made from the dried seed of a plant known as Cuminum cyminum, which is a member of the parsley family, having finely divided leaves and clusters of small white or pink flowers. Cumin is one of the staple spices since ancient times and is commonly used in many food cultures, particularly Indian as well as Mexican, African and Asian cuisine. The flavor is rich, slightly bitter, sharp, earthy and warm with a penetrating aroma with hints of lemon.

Ground cumin is a quintessential spice in a few different blends, including curry powder. It is also used as part of a rub, in a marinade, and as a seasoning for hearty dishes. It can be added throughout the cooking process to boost the aromatic character of a dishes as it’s distinct flavor and aroma can mingles well with the base of the dishes. As the flavor of ground cumin is more concentrated than whole cumin seeds, you will need to use sparingly.

100% natural ingredients.
One of the world's most popular spices.
Key ingredient in many Curry and Chili Powders.
High in iron and Antioxidants from plant compounds.
Rich in Vitamin E and hence it has anti-ageing properties.
Helps to promote weight loss, prevent diabetes and improve cholesterol level.
Can add some in your hair oil for cosmetic benefits.
Can make Cumin tea using this powder that is good in promoting weight loss.
Halal Certified
HACCP certified

Cumin Powder

How to use
Ground cumin as an ingredient in chili, barbecue sauce, baked beans, soups, vegetables and marinades and is also often found in other spice blends such as garam masala, curry powder, achiote blends and adobos.
Used in marinades
Used as a rub for meats
Sprinkle on top of fried or roasted potatoes
Baked goods
Soups and Stews

Place of Origin

Shelf Life
1 year

Halal Certification

Storage suggestion
Keep in a clean, dry and cool place.