Product Description

Our pepper products are 100% certified Sarawak Origin, and originates from Malaysia. Black  peppercorns is known as ‘Lada Hitam Kasar’ in Malay and ‘ 黑胡椒碎’ in Chinese.
White peppercorns and black peppercorns both begin as the same berry on the same pepper plant. Yep, that’s right! They’re a fruit! However, the processing of the peppercorns is different.
Black peppercorns are made by picking the pepper berries when they are half ripe and just about to turn red.

Black pepper, which is described as the King of Spices, is the most important and the most extensively consumed spice worldwide. It is the only spice which is invariably served at dining tables and is an inevitable ingredient of many prepared foods.
Black pepper powder has a fine, fruity, pungent fragrance with warm, woody, lemony notes that gives an excellent depth of flavour to your dishes.
While coarsely ground black is between fine ground and cracked black pepper in terms of robustness. It has a medium heat and works well as a table seasoning or meat rub.
Use this Coarse Black Pepper or Whole Black Peppercorns to prepare your favorite dishes like pepper steak or create your own dry rub blend by combining it with coarsely ground salt and other spices.
It features large flakes, similar to kosher salt, which is perfect for consistency in your cooking.

Cook foods with HEXA Black Peppercorns, Black Pepper Powder or Black Pepper Coarse and leave everyone in awe at its richness and oomph.
Use it in white sauces, gravies, soups, casseroles, pies, stir-fries, and in marinades for meat and fish for a tangy punch. A dash of black pepper certainly goes a long way!

100% natural ingredients.
One of the world's most popular spices.
Natural seasoning spice and medicine.
Helps to recover colds and coughs.
Provides relief from sinusitis and nasal congestion.
Natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
100% Pure Sarawak Black Pepper
It is a rich source of manganese, iron, potassium, vitamin-C, and vitamin K.
HACCP certified
Halal Certified 

Coarse black pepper 

How to use
Black pepper is a great seasoning. It is delicious and helps enhance the flavor and give a spicky kick of anything it is sprinkled on.
This versatile spice can be used in nearly any recipe ranging from spicy to savory and more!

Culinary Uses
-Mash potatoes
-Soups and gravies
-Marinades for meat and poultry
-Dry Rubs
-Stir fries

Place of Origin

Shelf Life
1 year

Halal Certification

Storage suggestion
Keep in a clean, dry and cool place.