Product Description

This is 3 bottles per set

>No-rince required
>Clean and cut greese

Biodegradable And Environment Friendly
For heavy duty cleaning... oven, oven hoods, greasy areas in kitchen, cooker hood, stoves, over burn pots, crockeries, flooring, ceramic tile, basin, toilet bowls, marbles, terrazzo, degrease car engine, sport rim, surface rust removal, silicon removal, drive ways, heavy oil, tile grout, fibre glass, ......

Skymay MP A1 多种用途清洁剂配方能够在接触时溶解污垢,污垢,油脂和其他杂质。家用表面,运动鞋,衣服和配件是安全的。用Skymay 的这种多功能清洁剂保持您的无尘和无菌。 根据应用的严重程度,稀释比例为 1:5. 使用安全,即使在接触皮肤时也是如此。

稀释 1:5

Who needs a cabinet full of different cleaning sprays when you can use one cost-effective bottle of Skymay MP A1 Multi-Purpose Cleaner formula that dissolves dirt, grime, grease and other messes on contact. It is safe for household surfaces, sports shoes, clothes and accessories. Keep your dirt-free and germ-free with this multi-purpose cleaner from Skymay. Dilution ratio is 1:5 depending on the severity of application. Safe to use and even when in contact with skin.

Key Specifications
Dilution 1:5
kitchen-oven, cooker hood, stove, pots, flooring, ceramic tiles
furniture-carpet, clothes, pen ink, oil stain.
car-degrease car engine, sport rims, rust removal

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